Monday, April 4, 2016

GeoTime: Android App showing Actual Time Difference Between Two Cities [Sunrise Time Difference]

Features of GeoTimeApp:

  • Shows Actual Time Difference and Time Zone difference between two Cities  
  • Having Inbuilt Offline Database of more than 20,000 Cities of the World  
  • Shows other information about Cities like Location Co-Ordinates [Longitude and Lattitude], Time Zone Name, Time Zone Value, Country Code, ISD Code  
  • User can select any City available in the database"

What is Actual Time Difference:

  • Lets take example of two Indian Cities. Ahmedabad and Kolkata.
  • Both belong to same Time Zone which is 'Asia/Kolkata [5:30]'. So, as per Time Zone, there is no difference in time between these two cities.
  • But, if you go to Kolkata, you will notice that there Sun rises approx. 1 Hour earlier than Ahmedabad.
  • So, if Sun rises at 6:30 AM in Ahmedabad, it will rise at 5:30 AM in Kolkata. This is Actual Time Difference.
  • Most people, experience this but they don't have information about this Actual Time difference. Mostly, time difference data between two Cities is available as per Time Zone.
  • This App show this Actual Time Difference between Two Cities !!!"

GeoTime App Snapshots

Download GeoTime App

  • This App will work fine with Android Version 4.0.3 [IceCreamSandwich] or Higher 

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