Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Installing Windows XP on HP Pavilion DV6707 Laptop

As you know, HP Pavilion dv6707 laptop comes with Windows Vista Pre-Installed. If you want to replace Windows Vista by Windows XP, you need new drivers for WinXP. Recovery DVD or 'SWSETUP' created using Window Vista will not help to install drivers for WinXP. All drivers come with Windows Vista are not compatible with Windows XP.
Refer to any of the following link to get WinXP compatible drivers. These drivers can also work on dv6000, dv9000 and dvxx7x series as per Link1.

Link1: Downgrading Hewlett Packard dv6000 series Notebook from Vista to XP
The Official DV6704nr "Vista to XP" Guide
Download and Install the drivers as mentioned in any of the above link.
Issue with 'Audio Device On HD Bus'
Even after following step 5 as described in above Link1, if 'Audio Device On HD Bus' doesn't show up in device manager, you need to follow step 3 of Link2.
But neither step 5 of Link1 nor step 3 of Link2, helps in resolving 'Audio Driver' issue in Window XP with Service Pack 3. To resolve it, follow the steps as mentioned below.

1. Open 'Start' -> 'Run'
2. Give 'regedit' command to open registry editor
3. Modify Value of 'CSDVersion' key in 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows' from 300 to 200
4. Restart machine
5. Install KB888111xpsp2.exe
6. Modify Value of 'CSDVersion' key in 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows' from 200 to 300
7. Restart machine

These steps are also found here
Now, you will have 'Audio Device On HD Bus' in device manager. Now, you can install 'audio driver' on this device.
Steps mentioned above are tested on HP Pavilion dv6707 with WinXP SP3. They are working perfectly fine.

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