Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ATAUtil: Download ATA Utility

Please read all the information/guideline/usage details given in 'Lock-Unlock Hard Disk', before downloading and running this utility.

This utility doesn't run on 64-bit machine. I have tried it on my laptop which has AMD Athelon 64-bit Processor but it doesn't work. It seems that 64-bit processor doesn't understand the instruction set compiled in the utility.

This is very risky utility. Any mistake done by user results in permanent failure of hard disk. User should be extremely careful while running this utility. If user forgot the password after locking hard disk, his hard disk is of no use, until unlocked. So user should be very very careful. Please digest all the information given, before running this utility.

Try this utility at your own risk. I have tested it on my hard disks. But I don't know how different makes of hard disk behave on this utility. It is sole responsibility of the user, for any damage done this utility, in any case.

  1. ATAUtil.exe - Core of Utility
  2. EGAVGA.BGI - This is Graphics library used by 'C' language. Put this file in the same directory where ATAUtil.exe is located.

I hope it will be useful to you and will improve your knowledge.



  1. What does this utility do ?

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