Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ATAUtil: Requirement to Run The Utility

Following are the requirements to run the utility.
  1. Bootable CD/floppy using which you can start computer in MS-DOS mode. This utility will not run, when OS (Operating System) is running. Because it is written in pure 'C' language and is using low level APIs of 'C' which are generally blocked by OS.
  2. Copy files (exe and bgi) of this utility to Bootable CD/floppy or you can copy it to your hard disk itself. But copying it in hard disk is risky because once hard disk is locked, you will not be able to access utility from hard disk, after hard reset is applied or computer is restarted. If you have two hard disks, you can store it in other hard disk and make sure that you didn't lock the hard disk in which utility is copied.

In future, I am planning to give image that will contain bootable code + utility, that you can directly burn to your CD or floppy.


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